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2008 - A great year for the Great Awakening.
The last three nights of the Phoenix meetings was in Love International Church in Phoenix with Pastor Ramos.   About 2,000 people attended nightly and the excitement and hunger was amazing. Pastor Rodney Howard- Browne preached and Pastor Ramos interpreted. 
People streamed forward to receive Christ as can be seen from this photo.
There were tears falling down the cheeks of both kids and adults and others got filled with the joy of the Holy Ghost.
The place was electric with the Presence of God and after the altar call people all over the auditorium began to stand and worship God.  Some crying with hands outstretched, others began to spontaneously laugh as the Joy of the Lord hit them. The hunger and thirst after God in the place was so evident.  Then Pastor Rodney gave a call for those who wanted to join the teams to help with soul winning during the day. Again the altar filled with willing people from teenages to adults to the elderly.  An army of people taking Jesus to the masses.  Again, it was the testimonies of some of the harvesters that really touched me greatly.  Take a look at this short video by clicking the play button. Three of these five people don't speak English, yet God used them to reach English speaking people.  There is something amazing happening here.  God will mobilize whoever will make themselves available for His directing.
Can you imagine if every church across the USA were to send out teams into the streets, business, homes and retirement homes, we would see America shaken for the Kingdom of God. 
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